Host: Rocío Durán

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Join us every Wednesday at 12 o’clock in Colorado USA, to hear the stories of learning and struggles of many people as normal as you or me, who have reached the top through effort and hard work. People who have in common the desire to get ahead and the resilience necessary to not be defeated.

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Together creating this revolution!

__ Who am I?

Certified Life Coach (CTI Institute) with more than 10 years of experience I help people of different origins, genders and ages. Specialized in working with women, businesswomen, mothers, wives and daughters.

Entrepreneur, with 25 years of experience helping other businesswomen and companies to advance in the achievement of their goals. I am a tireless dreamer who does not believe that there are problems but rather situations necessary to develop our abilities and superpowers.

I am a resource connector par excellence, because I know that united, we are stronger. My goal is to create an economic revolution from the base in which everyone contributes, builds and receives to the fullest.

It is from there that Desde la Cima is born, in a desire to continue helping, motivating, giving clues, creating a community in which we can all learn from each other.

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Stories of struggles of many people as normal as you or me, who have managed to reach the top through effort and hard work.