Join us every Wednesday at 12 o’clock in Colorado USA, to hear the stories of learning and struggles of many people as normal as you or me, who have reached the top through effort and hard work. People who have in common the desire to get ahead and the resilience necessary to not be defeated.

Belén Albuja

“The immigrant lawyer”

“Desde La Cima” begins October with all the energy and enthusiasm, celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month with the sensational interview with Belén Albuja “The immigrant lawyer” who, from her love for her Ecuadorian roots and her vocation of service, has worked as an Independent lawyer, founding her law firm, to support all those who need help in their language to improve their immigration status and thus continue fighting in the land of opportunities.

Thank you Belén for being one of those women who reminds us how proud we should be of our Latino roots and for being that helping hand for the Hispanic community. If you have any legal matters related to family issues or the changing and complex immigration laws, do not hesitate to go to Belén at her law firm, Albuja Law, LLC. She will surely give you the best advice.

Claudia Moran

"Learn, trust, overcome fears, but also stay noble”

This last Wednesday of September at noon, we want to tell you that “Desde la cima” will be exciting and awaits you with the spectacular testimony of the Mexican Claudia Moran, Director of Museo de Las Americas: “Learn, trust, overcome fears, but also stay noble ”who, from his desire to excel, always obtained the strength to fight for her dreams and follow her passion despite adversity: Archeology.

Virginia García

"The mission of cancer in my life"

Virginia García Pivik, who since her illness, began to devise the way to be a “cure” for others. Presenter, journalist, writer, producer with more than 25 years of experience in radio, TV, press and digital media, she is also an entrepreneur, daughter, sister, wife, mother and a cancer survivor, who instead of assuming this moment of her life as an obstacle, saw it as a possibility: “The mission of cancer in my life”.

Dear Virginia, we are immensely grateful that you have shared with us, all those life experiences that configure you as a professional, as a woman and are part of the resilient spirit that you take wherever you go. And if you are looking for a delicious cake or dessert to delight your palate and enjoy a healthy experience we invite you to follow Virginia at CalaMila Gluten Free Bakery, so that you do not stay with the craving to enjoy their delicious and healthy creations.

Gabriela Martínez

"From selling burritos to becoming the best-known fashion designer for brides in the US"

Gabriela Martínez a woman who will captivate you with her life story, full of creativity, glamor and love for her Mexican-American roots. If you want to improve your Spanish Skills, this is the best way to do it. Thanks to Gabriela Martínez for filling this space of hope and reflection with brilliance, delicacy and glamor. We are fortunate to have the opportunity to hear your spectacular story. You are a living example of struggle and dedication. Also, if you have marriage plans, go straight to her spectacular bridal design workshop because she is the best! 

Carlos Moreno

"From sleeping on a sofa to winning 7 Emmys".

Carlos Moreno: “From sleeping on a sofa to winning 7 Emmys.” Who, with his extensive experience in the field of social communication, will tell us how from his inner strength and admiration for his mother, he never allowed himself to be overcome by adversity and today he is recognized for his great charisma and work.

Dra. Violeta G.

5 very valuable tips on how to manage our personal economy.

Dr. Violeta G., who from a very young age, assumed the responsibility of managing the finances of her father’s company and will give us 5 very valuable tips on how to manage our personal economy. If you want to improve your Spanish Skills, this is the best way to do it.

Diana Cubillos

“If you want to succeed, let go what does not work and focus.”

From the age of 16 and in her homeland in Colombia, she began to build her life project, which today shines with its own light for her success and stability in the United States. A great woman who, from the role as mother, took the strength to breakthrough in the real estate market and who today is widely recognized in this field, for her great success as a leader seller, and trainer of new agents.

Rubí Powl

“Immigrant and businesswoman. Reinventing itself in its wake”.

“Immigrant and businesswoman. Reinventing itself in its wake”. Graphic designer born in Ciudad Madera – Chihuahua, Mexico, who will touch our hearts, telling us how she became a businesswoman and discovered a new talent, when she found herself in a complicated medical situation, but that did not lead her to give up but to continue giving her best, not just for herself, but to help others.

Iliana Rentería

"Wake up, life goes by to little drops"

On this occasion it arrives with all the energy and love for the community of Liliana Renteria: “Wake up, life goes by to little drops.” Who, from her vocation as a psychologist, will share with us about the impact of her community work on social networks, mental health and early childhood literacy

Yamile Arango

"I'd rather die than flee to live"

Yamile, who like the phoenix, tells us how her inner strength has made her resurface stronger and stronger from the ashes of painful experiences. Her extensive career in journalism not only in her homeland Colombia, but in the United States, currently at Univision, has transformed her into a person full of empathy and a living testimony that bravely defies adversity.

Andrés Henao

"You don't get to this alone, you look for mentors who are already at the top."

Andrés F. Henao-Martínez, M.D., graduated from Universidad del Valle, School of Medicine inColombia in 2003. He completed his internship and residency at the University of Texas Health Science Center in San Antonio in 2010, followed by his fellowship in Infectious Diseases with an advanced research year at the University of Colorado Denver in 2014. He has served on the faculty of the Division of Infectious Diseases, Department of Medicine since then; and currently holds the position of Associate Professor of Medicine. He is a US board certified in Internal Medicine and Infectious Diseases. He has been the director of the travel clinic at University of Colorado Hospital since 2016. In addition, Dr. Henao directs the Outpatient Infectious Diseases Rotation for the Internal Medicine and Preventive medicine residency programs. His research interest is the study of host susceptibility factors to different fungal and tropical infections including Chagas disease and Cryptococcus. He has published more than 90 peer-reviewed publications and currently holds an H-index of 12in Scopus and of 16 in Google Scholar. He has been appointed as theEditor-in-Chief for the journal Therapeutic Advances in Infectious Disease. He also is a Deputy Editor for PLoS NTD.

Diana Bustillos

"The pandemic opened my eyes."

In 2015, Diana began working as a Project Coordinator for the Colorado Hispanic Chamber of Commerce in Denver. She enjoys every opportunity to serve the Hispanic community by creating events and programs that can benefit them. In 2017, Diana decided to expand her leadership skills by joining the Aspiring Leaders Program.

Andrea Freyta

Little female Shirotita, a businesswoman without limits.

Colorado State Certified Director in Early Childhood Education, with more than 20 Years of Experience, bilingual: English – Spanish and an active member of Colorado Clown Alley and Transformando al Payaso Oficial.

Rosy Aburto

Everything can be done as long as the desire exists.

Rosy Aburto McDonough, a woman who from her Mexican roots is an active testimony to the importance of biculturalism and the richness it brings to society. She is the CEO of Hispanic Contractors of Colorado and HCC Contractor Academy and has been a business consultant and mentor throughout her career.

Yoli Casas

If you have a goal, you have to be ready when the opportunity comes.

Founder and Executive Director of Vive Wellness, a non-profit organization focused on helping low-income Latino youth, so that they have decent spaces for physical activity.

Samuel Bernal

Success is the prize for those who keep their finger on the line.

Samuel Bernal vice president of Integral Marketing Solutions at Entravision Communications Corporation “a product worth exporting” who tells us how his passion for his career became his lifestyle and happiness.

Susana Salamun

Stop waiting and create what you want!

Susana is Vice President of Inclusion and Community Outreach for Alpine Bank. Serves as a strategic and administrative leader to serve the minority population throughout the state. He also serves on the board of the following non-profit organizations.

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